Precio ip masquerena

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Ip Husky

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To allow sharing of your internet conenction you can eitehr use a proxy server or IP Masquerading. It's very simple to masquerade (internet connection sharing in Windows language ) on Linux with a few lines of iptables and ip_forward commands. First of all you have to flush MAC masquerade does not affect health monitor traffic.

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Ip Husky

Hey, I have a realy stange problems. I have installed: ipmasq, dnsmasq, ufw. Im useing the server to act like a router. The MASQUERADE target is used basically the same as the SNAT target, but it does not require any --to-source option. The reason for this is that the MASQUERADE target was This is different then ip masquerade which is PAT. Exerpts are from ProFTPD docs: ProFTPD and MasqueradeAddress from LAN Network. If we want to connect multiple computers to the Internet using single public IP Address, Masquerading (A form of NATing) helps us.