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PulseAudio is used when Kodi is installed in a desktop-environment rather than a dedicated/direct boot setup.

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sudo pacman -Rdd pulseaudio. Pulse audio allows sound from multiple application simultaneously but this means no digital passthrough is possible. It can also cause the volume controls to stop working properly. Configure Shared Kodi Database.

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Sin embargo, nos encontraremos con problemas para hacer passthrough de sonido a través del HDMI de la gráfica. Tendremos que crear un script que se inicie con la sesión que recoja estos comandos: echo autospawn = no > $HOME/.config/pulse/client.conf pulseaudio –kill > /dev/null 2>&1 Hello, I'm trying to passthrough HD audio in Kodi, but whenever I play an HD audio track Kodi crashes.


pulseaudio -k -> kill PulseAudio daemon pulseaudio -D -> start Are Kodi live streams not working for you in Kodi 17? Make sure you enable RTMP in  The Kodi foundation decided to disable RTMP by default in Kodi. Our guess is its part of ALSA PulseAudio sound output when switching between headphones and laptop speaker. 0.

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This allows your TV … 12:37:53.456 T:140510277008192 NOTICE: Kodi compiled Apr 6 2018 by GCC 6.3.0 for Linux x86 64-bit version 4.9.82 (264530) 25/01/2017 26/12/2018 14:45:36.953 T:140587591494016 NOTICE: Kodi compiled Nov 4 2012 by GCC 5.4.0 for Linux x86 64-bit version 4.4.70 (263238) Problema: judder y sonido passthrough por pepitotv - 26 Abr 2020, 12:56 En Windows: 4 Respuestas 1679 Vistas por -ice-02 May 2020, 09:31: Audio 5.1 HDMI sólo con passthrough? por walkandtalkblues - 09 Sep 2020, 16:34 En LibreELEC: 0 Respuestas 880 Vistas por walkandtalkblues 09 Sep 2020, 16:34: Sonido general Android y sonido en Kodi 11/03/2020 Bei einem Neustart der HD Station verliert Kodi jedoch seine Passthrough funktion und mein AVR wird nicht mehr angezeigt, sonder nur noch diese Pulse Player. Ich könnte mich ja mit dem HD Player anfreunden der neben meinem AVR übrigens ganz andere Audio Player (intel HD u.s.w) anbietet, wenn dort wiederum nicht größere 4k Videos derat ruckeln würden, dass man die einzelnen frames Wird innerhalb von Kodi (aktuelles Release 18.9) Audio Passthrough aktiviert, so ertönt kein Dolby-Digital-Ton (bzw. DTS) über einen genutzten AVR (Audio-Video-Receiver).

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Warning: PulseAudio requires the output in Kodi to be set to 2 channel. Audio encoded in formats not passed through will only be sent as stereo audio. Use ALSA to support passthrough and passing decoded surround audio signals So I was looking for some advice on how I can get Kodi to output audio strictly though the HDMI jack utilizing PulseAudio. This isn’t a good idea. It will break passthrough. I intentionally avoid building against PulseAudio because it can cause problems. PulseAudio does have an ALSA interface which you should be able to use however.

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