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Basta Vysor. Vysor es una aplicación disponible para teléfonos Android que puedes descargar en la Play Store. Lo mejor es que se presenta como una extensión de Google Chrome y, por ello, es compatible con los sistemas Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Entra desde tu PC a la página web desde el siguiente link. Conecta tu dispositivo al ordenador.

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Although there is a list of ADB commands you can issue through a command prompt or a terminal in order to operate your Android phone, the commands are very limited and The developer describes Vysor as the ‚Äúwindow to your Android‚ÄĚ. You have to make sure that you download the app on both your smartphone and desktop computer for Vysor to work. On the bright side, Vysor Android screen mirroring is fast and extremely easy to set up. Moreover, users can click and share screenshots and¬† Enter the command ‚Äúadb connect ‚ÄĚ You can locate your Android device‚Äôs IP address in Settings After that, Vysor is ready to be used to control the Android device. Use it on your own or share it with a group via Vysor Sync. He says, "Vysor gives you all the benefits of a physical device, but with the ease and integration of an emulator in your development Vysor is a free Chrome app that let's you cast as well as control your android app via it's interface, provided, your phone is connected to the PC via USB or is on the same network(wifi) as the PC. No matter how good the Android device seems to be, the small screen of your Android¬† Step 3: On signing in, tap on the My Device option ‚Äď> you will come across the Web IP¬† Step 1: Install Vysor on your Android smartphone ‚Äď>Connect the smartphone to the PC 8/10 (5 votes) - Download Vysor Android Free.