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As Bruceton speaks, we pan out to Yuuki listening at the door with a stethoscope. Yuuki: *Gasps in shock and runs down the hall* Cut to the government house Yuuki: *Hurriedly* You is talked about being killed! And they is wanting to kill you! Kickassia Continuity; Summary. A Kickassia-continuity verse where AlwaysAGirl!Linkara has to deal with life and her psuedo-boyfriend secretly being her arch-enemy half the time. Series. Part 1 of Girlkara; Language: English Words: 19,139 Chapters: 19/?

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Chris Larios: Dateline Kickassia! Year one of the new Critic Imperium. Confidence is high as this new and proud nation works long and hard to establish its new government. Cut to Chris Larios standing in front of Kickassia.

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The Nostalgia Critic Ax-Crazy: He buys 20 tons of dynamite so, in the event of someone trying to usurp him, he can blow up the nation. Big Bad: Is increasingly portrayed as one … Kickassia is a feature-length, six-part original web presentation created by Doug Walker and the rest of the gang at Channel Awesome, including The Nostalgia Chick, Linkara, Spoony, The Cinema Snob, Marz Gurl, and Angry Joe (among others), in honor of the site's second anniversary. Kickassia is a six part second anniversary special of That Guy with the Glasses and Channel Awesome staring Doug Walker as the Nostalgia Critic. It was later put on DVD. Kickassia [Scrolling is too long] The independent movie by the members of That Guy with the Glasses. Check out Kickassia's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired.

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Kevin Baugh is ruling Molossia with his wife and children. Suddenly he sees the Nostalgia Critic and his reviewers invading the city and chases them away twice. Baugh smirks in sadistic pleasure at the 2020-1-2‚Äā¬∑‚ÄāKickassia belongs to Thatguywiththeglasses, Yu-Gi-Oh belongs to Kazuki Takahashi, and Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged belongs to LittleKuriboh. Seto Kaiba sighed.